Wisconsin Budget Facts & Stats

Governor’s Budget Proposal is a fascinating look at Wisconsin.

For the upcoming 2016 fiscal year:

  • $35.9 Billion
  • 69,952 Full Time equivalent employees

Of the ~$36 Billion, only ~$16 Billion comes from state taxes (General Purpose Revenue or GPR).

Approximately $4.3 Billion came from the Statewide 5.0% sales tax, and approximately $4.3 Billion was spent on Equalization Aid (State support for local public schools).

For comparison, using the sales tax for the equalization aid, 6 cents out of every $10.00 sale at Wal-Mart, could be allocated to MPS in Equalization aid.

Of the approximately 70,000 State of Wisconsin employees, over half (35,059) work for one agency: the University of Wisconsin.

Under the proposal to make the UW System an independent “authority”, that would cut the state payroll in half, and make the Department of Corrections the next largest employer with around 10,000 employees.

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